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Sourcegraph receives new funding to innovate with Sourcegraph Cloud and Universal Code Search

Sourcegraph has received an additional $5 million in a recent funding round, bringing the total amount raised to over $46 million and allowing the company to invest in Universal Code Search and Sourcegraph Cloud.

This comes after the $23 million Series B funding round back in March 2020.

Demand for Sourcegraph is surging because the pandemic has changed how software developers work. Today, the vast majority of software developers are working from home, and even after the current pandemic has passed, it may stay that way as tech companies embrace an all-remote work structure.

Developing software remotely will require solutions that boost productivity and allow teams to collaborate effectively.

Sourcegraph Universal Code Search is proving useful for this purpose, according to the company. With rapidly growing codebases, proliferating numbers of repositories, multiple languages and file formats, and a wide variety of developer tools, developers need a single place to find and fix things across all code, faster.

For more information about this news, visit https://about.sourcegraph.com/.

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