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Smartlogic Updates Enterprise-Class Semantic Platform

Smartlogic has announced a new release of Semaphore with enhanced natural language processing (NLP), accelerated model development, performance and integration improvements in Publisher, a redesigned Semantic Enhancement Server, and user experience features. According to the vendor, the enhanced NLP provides additional language support, improved extraction capabilities, and supports hierarchical clustering of words based on the context to result in the exact analysis of text.

Used by global organizations in the energy, healthcare, life sciences, financial services, government and intelligence, media and publishing, and high tech manufacturing industries to enrich enterprise information with context and meaning, Semaphore is an enterprise-grade semantic platform that helps organizations to realize the business value of their information, bringing structure to the unstructured, scaling to manage organizational volumes, and built upon semantic standards while leveraging Linked Open Vocabularies. 

Semaphore streamlines the model building process with unsupervised learning models and associated learning algorithms that analyze information to drive precise classification output. It scans publicly available information and returns ordered collections of concepts that can be incorporated into the model using drag and drop technology.

In addition, the integration between Semaphore Publisher and Ontology Editor improves the performance of model publishing and creates a publishing pipeline that can add new tasks into the publishing process. Beyond the existing template language, an additional template language, which supports the creation of simple and powerful rule-bases that solve complex problems, is included.

Semantic Enhancement Server has also been redesigned to improve performance and indexing at query time, allowing models to be queried in flexible ways, and taking advantage of the Solr Cloud technology, which allows for more resilient setups.

For additional details, visit www.smartlogic.com

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