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Sisense Fusion provides analytic support for customers and employees

Sisense, provider of an AI-driven platform for infusing analytics everywhere, is releasing Sisense Fusion, bringing actionable intelligence to employees and customers.

Sisense Fusion helps organizations infuse analytics everywhere, whether that is to provide more value to their customers, transform their business, or generate new products and innovations.

Sisense does this by going beyond the dashboard to allow users to build customized analytic experiences inside their customer and employee-facing applications for delivering analytics to people—when and where they need them.

“Sisense empowers businesses, their partners, and customers to infuse analytics everywhere, and act on their data at the right time, every time. For too long, users have been drowning in the complexity of data and don’t know what actions to take,” said Ashley Kramer, chief product and marketing officer at Sisense. “We are removing these hurdles and delivering actionable intelligence where people work, in their applications, workflows and business process so they can focus on innovation and disrupt markets.”

Sisense Fusion enhances every decision and empowers both customers and employees by providing actionable intelligence.

Businesses can embed analytics into customer-facing applications to differentiate their products and improve the overall experience.

Organizations can go beyond the dashboard by allowing all skill levels to analyze data and build customized experiences that are infused into workflows and processes.

Sisense offers businesses the analytic building blocks they need to accelerate time to insights and taking action on insights, including:

  • A unique, high-performing elastic engine to simplify complex data and analysis
  • A highly extensible platform with best-in-class APIs for limitless customization to build a personalized analytic experience
  • A cloud-native architecture for scale and flexibility
  • AI out-of-the-box to automate actionable intelligence to anyone when and where they need it

 For more information about this release, visit www.sisense.com.

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