Signal AI releases new AI solution for the public relations sector

Signal AI is releasing AIQ, the next generation of AI technology powering Signal’s media monitoring and market intelligence platform.

AIQ enhances the proprietary artificial intelligence underpinning Signal AI’s platform and heralds a step-change in the use of AI to address common public relations challenges.

The first in a series of new features to be powered by AIQ will be Signal AI’s “Briefings.” Signal AI’s “Briefings” uses the latest AI technologies to cluster and rank the content in high volume news scenarios and create a briefing email consisting of a manageable number of stories that help colleagues stay on top of current events within and across industries.

“We have been using AI to solve common challenges in PR & communications since our inception,” said Luca Grulla, VP Technology, Signal AI. “The market has been struggling with longstanding problems such as accurately quantifying PR impact, and time-consuming, manual tasks such as media monitoring, which is plagued by poor accuracy and too much noise. The launch of AIQ underscores how we are leveraging our proprietary AI technology to develop the capabilities of our platform and ultimately, help our customers uplevel their work.”

In 2019, Signal AI saw unprecedented success, more than doubling its customer base, international expansion into the US and APAC, and a successful Series C funding.

Signal AI will be launching new capabilities powered by AIQ and upgrading existing features within the platform.

For more information about this news, visit www.signal-ai.com.

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