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SignSpace enables EU eIDAS-compliant digital signatures

Vastuu Group, together with its partner cybersecurity company, Nixu, has developed a secure digital signature platform called SignSpace in Finland. The EU eIDAS (Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services)-compliant service is suitable for all businesses that need to sign documents. The system combines Nixu’s expertise in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions and secure software development practices in a unique way.

According to the companies, the time spent on sending, processing and archiving all sorts of documents can amount to a significant part of the workday and can be a roadblock to projects being completed in a timely manner. In addition, the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic poses an additional challenge, which is forcing people to rely more and more on digital channels. However, the attempts to limit the pandemic may temporarily prevent access to physical papers and documents.

Vastuu Group offers as a solution, a digital signature service, SignSpace, provided by Platform of Trust Oy, a subsidiary of the Vastuu Group. SignSpace’s roots lie in the Finnish construction sector, where it was developed by Vastuu Group to meet the increasingly digital needs of "a decidedly un-digital industry," according to the company. After SignSpace was launched, it became apparent that there was a high demand for this type of service in other industries as well.

SignSpace service can be used to create digital signatures that are compliant with the EU’s eIDAS Regulation, which provides the legal basis for digital signatures throughout Europe. When signing a document in the SignSpace mobile app, the signature will be fully compliant with the eIDAS Regulation criteria for advanced signatures. SignSpace is suitable for businesses that need to manage various documents – contracts, deeds, legal records, etc. – that also need to be signed.

In addition to its digital signature service, SignSpace includes a chat service where the people involved in a deal can discuss the particulars of a document before signing it. The service includes the secure archival of all types of documents, and you can also use the SignSpace mobile app for signing and digital authentication.More information is available from https://signspace.fi/ and www.nixu.com.

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