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ServiceNow transforms hybrid work with new capabilities

ServiceNow has made updates to its Workplace Service Delivery solution to support employees and facilities teams in an increasingly hybrid work environment that demands flexible, agile workplace service management applications. ServiceNow gives employees a consumer-grade mobile experience to reserve workspaces, conference rooms and services and navigate workplaces. For businesses, ServiceNow’s Workplace Service Delivery solution provides the data and insights needed to better inform real estate costs and optimization.

ServiceNow’s Workplace Service Delivery solution addresses the need for companies and employees to reopen offices and return to workplaces smoothly. Multi-channel, native mobile solutions automate requests, reservations and repairs so employees can focus on meaningful work.

New features of Workplace Service Delivery include:

  • Intelligent and intuitive reservation capabilities in the Workplace Reservation Management application for a consumer-grade reservation experience. Workplace Reservation Management enables employees to reserve workspaces, desks and conference rooms. New native mobile capabilities make it even easier for employees to request these spaces. The updates also improve the self-service experience for employees as they book workspaces with single-click reservation capabilities. Additionally, a new prompt feature recommends adding requests and services—such as catering or room configurations?while making a reservation.
  • New space utilization capabilities within the Workplace Space Management application help facilities teams optimize real estate spend.
    With the new space utilization capabilities, the Workplace Space Management app provides facilities teams with a single solution to measure and define spaces as flexible or permanent and retire old spaces to optimize a company’s real estate portfolio.
  • Enhancements to the Workplace Space Mapping application for better wayfinding throughout the office. Many employees returning to an office may be unfamiliar with new office layouts, while others who were hired during the pandemic have never set foot in the office. New mapping enhancements help employees locate permanent or reserved workspaces, find and reserve conference rooms or workspaces near teams, and navigate their work campus with ease.
“The pandemic accelerated companies’ digital transformation efforts as they looked to create great experiences for their employees and customers,” said Blake McConnell, SVP of employee workflow products at ServiceNow. “Now companies need to leverage their digital transformation investments as they plan for a return-to-workplace that drives employee productivity and supports the hybrid workplace.”

Enhancements to Workplace Reservation Management and Workplace Space Management are expected to be available in Q3.

Enhancements to Workplace Space Mapping are available now.

For more information, visit www.servicenow.com.

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