Scismic to join the Digital Science family of companies

Digital Science, a technology company serving stakeholders across the research ecosystem, is adding the Boston-based company Scismic to the Digital Science family of companies.

Scismic builds technology platforms focused on enhancing career outcomes in the life science workforce.

Scismic Job Seeker is their diversity-promoting, automated recruiting platform for the biopharmaceutical industry.

The platform matches scientists to jobs based on expertise and removes sources of bias with its gender and race-blind matching algorithms, helping increase diversity in scientific hiring.

“Our goal is to help all scientists, no matter their background, find workplaces that empower them to propel ground-breaking science,” said co-founder Elizabeth Wu. “One major barrier to scientific innovation is workforce development. We wanted to build a way for fellow researchers to find workplaces in academia and industry that would empower them to do their best science, and drive more research into the market.”

Scismic was founded by three Boston-based scientists looking to address the $1B annual loss from inefficiencies in scientific recruiting in the US, with plans to further expand into the $8.5B STEM recruiting industry.

Their motivations came from observing many talented colleagues, initially enthused with scientific drive, grow disengaged and unproductive in their jobs, and feeling stuck in their careers.

With Scismic Job Seeker, the recruiting process is shortened to one month or less. Current recruiting processes include sources of biases in candidate evaluation, like candidate name, which have been shown to exclude underrepresented scientists. Scismic Job Seeker removes these biases and solely matches candidates based on their skills.

“Scismic is very excited to be part of Digital Science’s portfolio of companies and contribute to the scientific ecosystem in ways that will foster impactful, ethical, and groundbreaking science. Digital Science’s passion and commitment for making an impact in the greater scientific world deeply connects with us and our community of users.”

For more information about this news, visit www.digital-science.com.

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