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Rootstock Financials addresses industry issues head-on, provides a centralized command center for real-time financial insights

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Rootstock Software, a recognized leader in the manufacturing cloud ERP space, is debuting its Winter Release, delivering enhancements to Rootstock Financials and other product updates. 

According to the company, the update to Rootstock ERP’s financials module offers modern manufacturers a more connected, efficient, and insightful approach to financial management as part of its broader Signal Chain strategy—this type of approach brings functional areas together on one platform, eliminating silos and disjointed sharing of information.

With these enhancements, a manufacturer’s finance team and other executive leaders can better focus on improving revenue, cost allocation, and year-over-year performance. In addition, updates to the user experience deliver “quality of life” improvements for Rootstock Financial users, according to the company.   

“In the dynamic world of manufacturing—with its wild fluctuations in customer demand, volatile supply chains, and variable production capacity creating complexities—the finance function becomes a unique fulcrum,” said Raj Badarinath, chief product and marketing officer at Rootstock Software. “Recognizing this opportunity, Rootstock Financials is designed to address industry issues head-on, providing manufacturers with a centralized command center for real-time, accurate, and actionable financial insights. Our latest enhancements foster a user-friendly environment that connects banking and other underlying data streams, so manufacturers can precisely monitor and manage costs, profitability, cash flow, and the overall financial health of their operations.” 

The Winter Release with enhanced Rootstock Financials includes: 

  • Improved grid components that enhance data visibility and user experience for increased productivity and efficiency. 
  • Advancements in the purchase order (PO) and accounts payable (AP) matching process to avoid overpayments and allow users to be 30% more efficient.   
  • Streamlined processing of open items in accounts payable to improve cash flow management and reduce processing time by 70%. 
  • An updated and improved payable transactions process that offers a streamlined user experience with the ability to modify multiple transactions and payment terms simultaneously. 
  • A new Salesforce Lightning page for accounts payable (AP) users that processes payments more efficiently, reducing user steps and clicks by 50%. 
  • Consolidation of cash receipts and quick pay options that provide a clearer view of a manufacturer’s cash position and streamline related receipt scenarios by up to 60%. 
  • A more efficient financial closing process, including automation of routine tasks and real-time data for more reliable financial reporting. 
  • A new connection to Plaid that provides secure access to bank transactions and ensures up-to-date financial data for improved decision making. 

With these capabilities, manufacturers can quickly understand the financial impact of market shifts, such as increased supplier pricing and transportation costs, and they can also project how strategic investments and adjustments to production capacity can affect growth and profitability, according to the company. 

For more information about this news, visit www.rootstock.com.

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