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RevSure.AI debuts its Sales Pipeline Readiness platform

RevSure.AI, the AI-fueled Sales Pipeline Readiness solution, announced the launch and availability of RevSure.AI Pipeline Readiness. Designed for B2B companies, the solution not only connects but “auto-harmonizes” and stitches data together from across marketing and sales teams, ultimately providing a 360-degree insight across the revenue funnel and into sales pipeline health. The product launch follows RevSure’s recent seed funding raise of $3.5M led by Innovation Endeavors.

RevSure.AI Pipeline Readiness helps marketing, sales, and revenue operations teams automate manual reporting tasks and unlock unprecedented insights into an organization's sales pipeline health, and makes recommendations on how to turn more leads into qualified sales opportunities. The key benefits of the solution include:

  • A 360-degree complete and holistic view of the revenue funnel and sales pipeline - Organizations can easily identify sales pipeline conversion trends and bottlenecks by having stage-by-stage conversion in one comprehensive view, providing them with a powerful and actionable level of insight to prevent leakage.
  • Improved pipeline predictions and lead to opportunity conversions - RevSure.AI analyzes conversion trends and helps teams focus on better lead-to-qualified opportunity conversions. AI-based predictions provide early warnings on pipeline and bookings health and recommendations to improve pipeline generation boosting team confidence and readiness, helping them better predict and hit sales goals
  • Automated sales pipeline scrubbing and analysis - Sales and RevOps teams can reduce time spent on manual tasks and research by 20%, getting valuable sales pipeline information instantly instead of periodically, freeing up time to pursue qualified leads
  • Stronger sales and marketing alignment - Intelligence from both the marketing funnel and sales pipeline foster visibility and trust, enabling better collaboration between marketing and sales to drive revenue growth.

RevSure.AI has had early deployments with several customers who are already experiencing results that are having a significant impact on their businesses.

Early customers have reported improved ability to spot funnel leakages by stitching together the marketing funnel and sales pipeline data, according to the vendor.

“Leaders at B2B companies across industries are bracing themselves for a recession as they currently struggle with the current economic slump, and sales pipeline readiness is the missing link in driving predictable & profitable revenue growth,” said Deepinder Singh Dhingra, founder and CEO of RevSure. “The problem is there is no revenue intelligence solution available that provides real insight into pipeline readiness and how to improve it - until now. RevSure is the new secret weapon in the sales tech stack, helping B2B companies connect marketing activities and the sales funnel to diagnose pipeline health and turn more leads into qualified opportunities before your reps ever suffer from a waning pipeline problem.”

For more information about this release, visit www.resure.ai.

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