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Relecura Unveils Knowledge Management Features in Intellectual Property Intelligence Platform

Relecura, a developer of patent research and analysis tools, has released a suite of new modules that incorporate knowledge management into its IP analytics platform. The three new modules are aimed at enabling patent managers, subject matter experts, business executives, investors, inventors, and others to conduct a structured drill-down view of patent portfolios, and to capture and reuse that knowledge.

The new modules are a reflection of the changing needs of the IP industry, according to George Koomullil, Relecura’s founder and CEO. The Relecura platform is a comprehensive IP search, analytics and intelligence tool and the addition of the new capabilities allow it to expand into an enterprise-wide productivity and knowledge management solution, he noted.

The Taxonomy Builder is an artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted knowledge management system for capturing, organizing, and reusing the analysis of subject matter experts that over time can evolve into a knowledge base for experts to build on. This allows IP professionals to reuse information for analyzing and managing patent portfolios without conducting new searches.

Portfolio Manager integrates with the Taxonomy Builder and the knowledge base created by subject matter experts. It helps in mapping patent portfolios to technologies of interest. The combination of the knowledge base and the Portfolio Manager are aimed at providing a structured view of patent portfolios which can be viewed individually or compared to others in the same domain.

And finally, the Automated Reports module may be configured with tailored content for different groups within the organization and externally for senior management, consultants or lawyers. It automates regular reporting and becomes a channel for IP professionals to communicate with their management and external clients.

For more information, visit www.relecura.com.

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