Relativity to release Aero UI and support RelativityOne Government

Relativity, a legaltech company, will release its new Aero UI and continue its progress with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to achieve full FedRAMP authorization to support the launch of RelativityOne Government.

"Watching Relativity grow over the last year as a board member and now as CEO has been an exciting and humbling experience," said Mike Gamson, CEO at Relativity. "We are jumping into 2020 with so much momentum. I can't wait to watch our customers leverage an even more powerful and intuitive RelativityOne to solve the world's most complex data problems in e-discovery and beyond."

At Relativity Fest in October 2019, Relativity unveiled Aero UI, the new user experience. It will include all the power of Relativity, while also making it easier for any user to jump into RelativityOne and get their work done.

Not only has Relativity modernized its aesthetics through the new UI, it will provide a best-in-class user experience with light-speed performance, next-generation review, workflow-based navigation, and automated workflows. Aero UI is set to release in RelativityOne later this year.

For more information about this news, visit www.relativity.com.

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