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RedPoint Global Enhances Data Marketing Capabilities in Latest Update

RedPoint Global, a provider of a customer data platform and customer engagement technology, is launching the next generation of the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub, providing a single point of control over data.

The next generation platform allows organizations to better recognize customers through enhanced capabilities in the RedPoint Customer Data Platform, know what the customers want with advanced analytics in the new AI Studio, and deliver innovative customer experiences that are personalized across all inbound and outbound touch points.

The RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub provides marketers with enhanced capabilities to:

  • Recognize the Customer: Using the RedPoint Customer Data Platform (CDP), leverage all data to understand customers in their context and cadence.
  • Know all That’s Knowable About A Customer: Access all customer data easily without limitations, including new options for streaming data platforms and the latest cloud and NoSQL database technologies.
  • Make it Precise: Apply identity resolution, supplementing the platform’s most advanced probabilistic matching with enhanced email and address matching and compliance stewardship workflows to track changes.
  • Sharpen your vision: Create a single customer view - an optimal customer profile for insight, decisions, and interactions to drive more contextually relevant engagements in cadence with the customer.
  • Know What the Customer Wants: RedPoint introduces AI Studio, which puts the power of advanced analytics into the hands of marketers. The capabilities humanize access to advanced analytics, empowering greater collaboration and creativity across both marketers and data scientists.
  • Simplify Analytics for Marketers: Choose from a library of models and engage in guided model creation and deployment, making modeling available to a range of skill sets and providing transparency to model inputs and objectives.
  • Optimize Model Results: Use evolutionary tactics to automatically train and optimize fleets of models tuned to business objectives.
  • Personalize Path to Purchase: Leverage predictive analytics to score customers and deliver dynamic, highly personalized customer journeys.
  • Deliver Relevant Experiences to Each Customer: Use the most current, comprehensive and accurate data across the entire enterprise to personalize every moment of engagement across all touchpoints.
  • Unlock Data to Design More Creative Customer Journeys: Reduce the time and expense of developing new data sources with the latest Cloud and NoSQL technologies to leverage data across the organization - without coding or customization. RedPoint Global is among the first to offer primary support for omnichannel campaigns using NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Cosmos DB. By offering the most comprehensive access to data, marketers can tap into information faster and easier than ever before, amplifying the creative process.
  • Unify Inbound and Outbound Marketing: Support real-time, dynamic customer journeys, increase efficiency, and enable creativity through a unified rules workspace that manages inbound and outbound interactions. Deploy guided campaigns that increase speed to value.
  • Embrace Open Garden Connectivity: Engage with customers in any interaction touchpoint, leveraging RedPoint’s hundreds of connectors that now include Listrak and Bronto ESPs, Twilio Notify and Facebook Messenger, and Facebook Custom Audiences for personalized social engagement.

For more information about this release, visit www.redpointglobal.com.

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