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Recommind Introduces Axcelerate Cloud to Improve Discovery for Legal Teams

Recommind, a provider of advanced analytics, is releasing Axcelerate Cloud to provide legal teams with better insights and more control in the discovery process.  “Over the years, a large industry has emerged specifically around electronic discovery,” said Hal Marcus, Recommind’s director of product marketing. “With Axcelerate Cloud, we’re empowering corporations and law firms to leverage it on a subscription basis, all inclusive, with all the analytics, all the users, and all the data ingestion and production that they want, to control their own destiny.”

The platform will incorporate efficiency scoring and build on Axcelerate’s interactive business intelligence layer, improving legal information access through analytics for fact finding and risk analysis, coupled with review efficiency.   

According to the company, the benefits of the platform include reduced risk by improved security, increased visibility with the ability to see sophisticated metrics and controls that show where a project stands, enhanced scalability, and the ability for legal teams to ingest and produce all the data they require, assign all the users they choose, and make unlimited use of Axcelerate’s advanced analytics and machine learning.

Separately Recommind also announced it has integrated Microsoft Office 365 into the Axcelerate cloud-based e-discovery platform. Recommind’s Office 365 integration allows organizations to automatically export enriched data stored in Microsoft Azure into the Axcelerate Cloud subscription-based SaaS e-discovery product. 

“The more that we can get that data seamlessly into our cloud solution for analysis and review at a fixed rate, the easier it is for corporations to look at the data any time they need to,” Marcus said.

Discovery is rapidly evolving into a closely tracked business process. According to Marcus, 72% of law firms that Recommind polled said they were concerned about the security of confidential information, yet 80% said they rarely audit the technological competency of their outside counsel. This led to the creation of a solution to tackle the problem.

Axcelerate Cloud centralizes the hosting for counsel and service providers in a virtual private cloud facilitated by Amazon Web Services, with data encrypted at rest and in motion.

“It’s challenging for them to evaluate what’s happening with outside firms and their data,” Marcus said. “If they can consolidate their data into a cloud solution that meets all their parameters, controls all access points, and limits all those points of transfer where things go wrong, then they really are in a stronger position. That’s what Axcelerate Cloud is all about.”

Axcelerate is available as a cloud, on-demand, or on-premise solution.

For more information on Axcelerate Cloud, visit www.recommind.com

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