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Ramp and Onstream Media Team Up on Video Solutions for the Enterprise

Ramp, the provider of AltitudeCDN, an enterprise content delivery network solution, has announced a technology and marketing partnership with Onstream Media Corp., an online service provider of corporate web communications, including webcasting, webinar, audio conferencing services.

According to the vendors, the partnership will provide a full suite of customized streaming and web conferencing solutions that are optimized for delivery across global enterprises. Video streaming, they note, has become an integral part of most enterprises, and they now rely on live streaming and on-demand video for CEO webcasts, employee training, and online communications. But, to meet these objectives, enterprises need solutions that deliver fast and reliable performance across bandwidth-constrained enterprise WANs, while also helping to manage the high volume of digital media.

Ramp’s AltitudeCDN supports a range of video source and integrates with a variety of video platforms through a standards-based approach while optimizing video bandwidth use across overloaded enterprise networks.

In addition, more than 5,000 organizations use Onstream Media and its Infinite Conferencing subsidiary for tools and services that provide media management and online communication across multiple geographies and platforms.

Through this partnership, Ramp and Onstream say they plan to combine video and media management solutions, and deliver customized streaming and webcasting solutions.

According to Ramp CEO Tom Racca, the companies’ joint solutions are well suited to Onstream’s “blue chip customer base,” which includes organizations such as Stanford University, Honda and the Internal Revenue Service. By combining Ramp’s enterprise content delivery network innovation with Onstream’s breadth of offerings, the companies will be able to offer best-of-breed, customized solutions, he noted.

For more information about Ramp, which is headquartered in Boston, go to www.ramp.com.

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