RAVN Systems Introduces its RAVN Connect Enterprise Search Platform, Replaces Google Search Program

RAVN Systems, provider of search and knowledge management solutions, is launching its Google Search Appliance replacement program, offering users the opportunity to upgrade to the RAVN Connect Enterprise.

Google will cease supporting the Google Search Appliance by the end of March 2019.

RAVN Connect Enterprise captures, finds, manages and collaborates an organization’s knowledge and expertise.

The platform is based on RAVN’s Applied Cognitive Engine (ACE), which offers capabilities that go far beyond merely searching for documents and webpages, including machine learning tools and automatic extraction of key data from the unstructured data under management.

It is easily configurable with GUI based administration tools, offering an easy migration path from the Google Search Appliance and other legacy search solutions.

A few of those capabilities of the solution include contextual guided search as you type, automatic classification using iterative machine learning techniques, deconstruction of documents and contracts into their constituent parts, graph based searches, and personal relevance.

For more information about this news, visit www.ravn.co.uk.

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