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Quadient gives users more control over customer experiences with latest release

Quadient, a leader in helping businesses create meaningful customer connections through digital and physical channels, is offering Quadient Inspire Flex Release 16 (R16), adding new features and capabilities designed to help organizations advance their cloud strategy, automate omnichannel orchestration, and improve operational efficiencies.

According to the company, Quadient continuously invests in innovations for its suite of advanced software solutions. The Inspire R16 release helps organizations unlock new customer experience (CX) possibilities by removing many of the conventional limitations of CCM surrounding deployment, integrations, content creation, and omnichannel orchestration.

Additionally, Quadient now offers local hosting options in the UK and Japan for its Inspire Flex Cloud components.

“We remain committed to supporting our customers’ most ambitious CX goals with continuous improvement of our cutting-edge software solutions and further advancement of the CCM-to-CXM evolution,” said Chris Hartigan, chief solution officer, intelligent communication automation, Quadient. “Quadient Inspire R16 unlocks new CX possibilities with expanded cloud deployment options, intelligent content management tools, and event-triggered omnichannel delivery.”

More than 350 early adopters in Quadient’s First Movers Advantage Program are already successfully using Inspire R16.

New features include:

  • More cloud: Inspire R16 provides more cloud deployment options by adding support for Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and a Docker container registry. Inspire customers are future-proofing their CCM infrastructure and seamlessly scaling to changing needs by taking advantage of their choice of cloud infrastructure.
  • More automation: From Salesforce and Apache Kafka integration to a new Events API, Inspire R16 introduces an array of new accelerators and connectors to enable expanded customer journey insights and automation of customized delivery scenarios. The new Omnichannel Orchestration Event Trigger allows for channel events—QR code scan, form submission, weblink visit—to auto-trigger tailored communication delivery workflows with little to no manual effort or coding.
  • More control: With new authoring assistance, dynamic charting, multi-document editing and ready-made email design components, Inspire R16 users create interactive communications in less time that are designed and optimized for readability in less time. New quality control features include change tracking and automated testing tools within the Inspire Compare component.

Quadient Inspire offers standalone, full SaaS (Inspire Evolve), and on premise and hybrid (Inspire Flex) deployments, as well as SaaS customer journey mapping (Inspire Journey) and orchestration.

Inspire is available through the Quadient Hub, a comprehensive and unified software-as-a-service platform that provides a single-entry point into all Quadient’s Intelligent Communication Automation cloud solutions for customer communication management and financial automation.

To learn more about this news, visit www.quadient.com.

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