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PredictionCX Helps Businesses Use Big Data to Predict Customer Behavior

MaritzCX, a global customer experience (CX) software and services company, has announced the availability of PredictionCX, a solution to help businesses analyze known customer information and use it to predict customer behavior as well as take action to improve CX for individuals.

Businesses can use PredictionCX to take information provided by the few customers who respond to customer surveys and apply that knowledge to  the majority who hold the largest wallet share, enabling sales and customer teams for example to identify specifically who is going to leave and then act to save them.

MaritzCX says that PredictionCX uses the underutilized big data that most companies have stored to reveal what customers want and need, from the collective whole down to the individual transaction.

Customers are telling businesses more than they realize, and as a result, organizations that combine survey results with organic sources of customer data will be able to predict what customers need, according to Carine Clark, president and CEO of MaritzCX. The solution leverages customer data and applies it back to CX data set at the individual level. This enables organizations to use their resources in a targeted fashion to increase customer retention and drive growth.

MaritzCX is partnering with PurePredictive, an analytics technology provider with patented technology that uses artificial intelligence to automate the building of complex predictive models using machine learning, to deliver part of the PredictionCX solution.

Using predictive modeling, PredictionCX extrapolates survey data across large customer populations, taking advantage of the objective attributes stored in enterprise systems about each one. This data enables insights that can be used to prioritize the deployment of customer-facing resources and drive retention, recovery, growth, and program ROI in the short term.

PredictionCX is integrated into MaritzCX dashboards and case management to provide a strong customer recovery system through a closed-loop process. MaritzCX also provides the expert services to build predictive models with a high degree of accuracy, which is critical to ensuring sound CX investments and concrete program ROI.

For more information, go to www.maritzcx.com.

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