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Precisely launches EngageOne RapidCX to revolutionize customer engagement management

Precisely, a global leader in data integrity, is releasing EngageOne RapidCX, bringing the latest innovation in customer communications management (CCM) to the market to empower organizations to provide a better, more effective customer experience through data-driven, personalized, communications.

This is particularly important for highly regulated industries such as financial services, insurance, and telecommunications, where the pressure is on to deliver more personalized and dynamic customer experiences to stay competitive, while also navigating increasingly complicated regulatory requirements.

RapidCX allows organizations to solve challenges such as disjointed customer communications, compliance with changing regulations, and siloed legacy systems to:

  • Improve Efficiencies – replace manual customer experience processes with an automated solution that enables business users to harness data from across all systems.
  • Enhance Customer Engagement – capture data-driven insights to personalize and automate omnichannel communications, including e-mails, SMS messages, chatbot conversations, interactive video, and more.
  • Enable Better Governance – ensure compliance with end-to-end communications tracking, delivery tracing, and archiving. Easy-to-manage governance controls make even complicated industry regulations easier to follow.

With the rollout of RapidCX, organizations worldwide can now easily and dynamically deliver satisfying, personalized experiences, no matter how, where or when the customer chooses to interact, according to the company.

When combined with the Precisely portfolio of data integrity solutions, organizations can ensure they are powering customer communications delivery with trusted data, helping to win lasting loyalty and, ultimately, accelerate business growth.

“Businesses can no longer apply a one-size-fits-all approach to customer engagement. Today’s customers expect extraordinary experiences, and trusted data is the cornerstone for delivering them,” said Greg Van den Heuvel, executive vice president and general manager—engage solutions at Precisely. “Forward-thinking organizations are turning to cloud hosted integrated customer engagement platforms, fueled with accurate, consistent, and contextual data, to revolutionize their approach to customer communications.”

For more information about this news, visit www.precisely.com.

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