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PoolParty Introduces GraphEditor in New PoolParty 7.0 Release

PoolParty, a semantic technology platform provided by the Semantic Web Company, has announced that PoolParty 7.0 can now handle a full range of enterprise data management tasks. Based on agile data integration, machine learning and text mining, or ontology-based data analysis, applications are developed that provide knowledge workers, marketers, analysts or researchers with a comprehensive and in-depth view of previously unlinked data assets.

At the heart of the new release is the PoolParty GraphEditor, which complements the platform’s Taxonomy, Thesaurus, and Ontology Manager components. The result, the company says, is that data engineers and subject matter experts can now administrate and analyze enterprise-wide and heterogeneous data stocks with comfortable means, or link them with the help of artificial intelligence.

According to the company, knowledge graphs and graph-based data, in general, are becoming increasingly important for addressing various data management challenges in industries such as financial services, life sciences, healthcare, and energy.

For more information about PoolParty, visit https://www.poolparty.biz.

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