Planview introduces new collaboration feature designed to drive employee engagement and business value

Planview, a provider of portfolio management and work management solutions, is now offering TeamTap—a new innovation and ideation capability for Planview Spigit, Planview’s innovation management software.

Created to help accelerate an organization’s transformation efforts, this new capability allows companies to drive employee engagement, deliver value, and foster a culture of innovation within a single application. TeamTap offers a lean approach to innovation, supporting, and aligning to agile ways of working, according to the vendor.

“More so than typical enterprise innovation models, TeamTap promotes collaboration and ideation within teams, using their crowd to lean in and problem solve,” said Louise Allen, chief product officer, Planview. “TeamTap enables team-focused innovation and empowers employees throughout an organization to voice opinions and play an active role in creative ideation, helping their companies uncover ideas, challenges and opportunities that exist within their team and operational innovation spaces.”

TeamTap is designed to provide a simple way to promote continual engagement, allowing users to choose their own micro-challenge—or "tap"—and continuously engage with a diverse crowd to discuss and collaborate on possible solutions.

By crowdsourcing, ranking, and narrowing ideas, decision-makers can leverage data, technology, and their employees to cluster ideas and themes with the greatest potential—and take action on those ideas.

TeamTap also helps with businesses’ operations and supports employee problem-solving alongside strategic challenges, providing a single innovation data structure and application for an organization’s entire ecosystem. The data structure and model help to surface previously hidden pockets of innovation, allowing organizations to leverage a data-driven innovation capability, according to the vendor.

For more information about this release, visit www.planview.com.

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