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Pitney Bowes Improves Data Accessibility

Pitney Bowes has announced availability of its new Software and Data Marketplace, simplifying access to hundreds of data sets across the retail, insurance, real estate and financial services industries.

The Software and Data Marketplace is a self-service resource for data users to download the Pitney Bowes data catalog for sample categorical data, such as address, boundary, demographic, geo-enrichment, point of interest, and street data in a matter of minutes. Additionally, a software development kit (SDK) is also available through the marketplace, which allows users to receive their products and updates automatically.  

The process of sourcing, cleansing and managing data for analysis is often time-consuming and costly for most organizations, said Bob Guidotti, executive vice president and president of software, Pitney Bowes. The marketplaces is aimed at removing the complexities clients face by enabling access to the portfolio of location, individual, and address-centric data Pitney Bowes has amassed and making it readily available and interoperable for critical business functions.

According to Pitney Bowes, many organizations view data as a catalyst to growth and key to their digital transformation initiatives. The new Software and Data Marketplace provides organizations access to reliable data relevant to their industry. For example, insurance providers can visualize sample data around properties to better assess risk for accurate underwriting; financial services providers can review demographic and location-based data to identify areas with the highest growth potential; and retailers can assess street, demographics, and points of interest data to plan store locations and maximize go-to-market channels.

The GeoEnrichment datasets available on the marketplace platform are also coded with the Pitney Bowes pbKey, an identifier for addresses that helps data purchasers build a more complete “golden record” of addresses with detailed location attributes and keeps addresses up to date by storing them and then performing a reverse pbKey lookup to obtain the latest address.

For more information, go to www.pitneybowes.com

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