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Pecan AI debuts Predictive GenAI, an ML- and AI-powered predictive solution for business users

Pecan AI, the AI-based predictive analytics company for data analysts and business teams, is debuting Predictive GenAI, a machine learning (ML) and generative AI (GenAI) solution born from the growing divide between the promises of AI and predictive technology and the realities of its lagging implementation and success. Predictive GenAI enables organizations to rapidly integrate easy predictive modeling into their workflows, particularly geared toward business user comprehension.

“Predicting human behavior is one of the most amazing things you can do,” said Zohar Bronfman, CEO and co-founder, Pecan AI. “We really wanted to understand how, on the one hand, it is so transformative and strategic for businesses and organizations, and, on the other hand, it's so prone to failure and so hard to implement.”

After significant research, “that's how we started Pecan—with the mission to help companies worldwide adopt and use machine learning and predicting human behavior in a simpler, faster, more accessible manner.”

Armed with a mission to democratize data science—particularly for business users who lack the skills and proficiencies necessary to understand data science and its value—Pecan AI’s Predictive GenAI solution leverages both the strengths of large language models (LLMs) and traditional ML techniques.

Though LLMs are often quite difficult to use in predictive modeling, Pecan AI’s patented technology allows its users to benefit from both the predictive power of ML engineering and the flexibility and simplified user experience of LLMs.

Predictive GenAI is a cloud-based SaaS platform that consists of two features: Predictive Chat and Predictive Notebook.

Predictive Chat is, as the name suggests, a chat-based experience that enables users to solve their unique business challenges. Once the required data is uploaded to Predictive Chat, the solution collaboratively defines the predictive model to build.

Pecan then produces a SQL-based Predictive Notebook, a set of cells which offers predictions based on the data provided, adhering to the definitions the user provides in Predictive Chat. More advanced users can edit the Notebook directly, or it can be simply left alone.

“It’s the ChatGPT of making predictions,” remarked Bronfman.

As an ISO-certified company, the data uploaded to Pecan AI’s Predictive GenAI strictly adheres to various compliance regulations. Predictive GenAI leverages state-of-the-art security, ensuring that customer data is siloed and protected. Any data ingested by Predictive GenAI is purely numerical—therefore meaningless on its own, further forwarding a privacy-first methodology.

“Regardless of their technical background, regardless of whether they have ever done predictions, today marks a new day in terms of [customers] being able to do predictions in quite a seamless and simple manner,” said Bronfman. “They can ask questions about the future; if they have the data that is relevant for the question they're asking, our platform will be able to answer these questions.”

To learn more about Pecan AI’s latest Predictive GenAI capability, please visit https://www.pecan.ai/.

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