Panzura launches Service Hub to expand customer access to support and other services

Panzura is offering a new Service Hub, complimentary for all Panzura customers, that expands access to customer support and other essential Panzura services. In addition, the company introduced a new corporate brand image, redesigned logo, and website.

“For us, there’s no such thing as business as usual. We’re committed to going above and beyond to provide the best customer experience on the planet. Our customers rely on us to respond with agility and speed, and the Panzura Service Hub gives them more flexibility and options as their needs evolve,” said James Seay, chief services officer at Panzura.

Panzura's cloud file system consolidates and manages unstructured data, protects against ransomware, and enables real-time collaborative global file sharing.

Panzura now offers a one-stop command center for reaching 24/7 customer support experts. It is designed to achieve faster resolution times, provide easy access to critical information about Panzura implementations, and bring together the resources and skills necessary to solve problems in a single location, according to the vendor.

Features include:

  • Ticketing and help desk. Customers can create and track support requests via an online ticketing system that keeps all items in one place. They can tag and make notes on conversations with Panzura Global Services, review the status of their requests, and contact their dedicated technical account manager for assistance.
  • Live chat. Panzura customers can use real-time chat anytime by logging onto the Service Hub. Technically a part of Panzura Global Services, every chat conversation is saved and stored by customer support so representatives will know what was discussed should an issue escalate.
  • Knowledge base. Many customers prefer to handle support without contacting a representative. They can access Panzura’s comprehensive knowledge base, a self-serve online library of information about the Panzura solution. Technical documentation and instructions provide answers to questions and help users troubleshoot issues.
  • Customers can choose to participate in surveys deployed via the Service Hub, providing feedback on everything from total customer satisfaction to Net Promoter Scores. Feedback will be used to improve the customer experience and deliver more personalized interactions.

The debut of the Panzura Service Hub is part of an effort to revamp customer programs and processes. The Panzura global file system provides for simplified management of enterprise data. Hybrid-cloud technology delivers the performance of a datacenter coupled with the economics and unlimited scalability of public or private cloud storage.

For more information about this news, visit https://panzura.com/.

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