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Panasonic Launches High-Volume Production Scanner

Panasonic System Communications Company of North America, a Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, producer of document management and imaging solutions, has announced the release of the KV-S8127 and KV-S8147 high-volume production scanners for government, banking, service bureaus and any high-volume scanning application.

Supporting up to 100,000-sheet-daily duty cycles and speeds of up to 120 ppm/240 ipm (KV-S8127) and a class-leading 140 ppm/280 ipm (KV-S8147), Panasonic says that the new scanners raise both image quality and productivity bars with such proprietary features as enhanced large-scale integrated (LSI) circuit-driven hardware image processing and Toughfeed mixed-media document handling with integrated mechanical de-skew and double-feed re-try.

“ToughFeed” is a name given to a group of functions — staple document detection, ultrasonic double-feed detection, intelligent feed control and superior roller mechanisms — that are featured on Panasonic scanners to ensure a smooth supply of paper into the scanner.

Workflow optimization features on both new scanners include long-life rollers, supporting up to 600,000 scans between replacements; mixed-batch scanning of documents of various thicknesses, ranging from paper-thin to cardboard; exclusive LSI hardware image processing that eliminates the typical speed penalty when switching from 200dpi to 300dpi scanning; and a unique paper exit direction selector, which uses separate paths for scanning normal documents and extra-thick or specialty documents without time-wasting set-up procedures. 

Additional features of the KV-S8100 series include specially designed sensors that identify the host computer, operating system, scanning application, measuring method, paper type and image density, and process this information through an algorithm that determines the best balance between speed and quality for each job.

Advanced image processing functions shared by the two models include: Automatic Brightness Adjustment, Automatic Image Emphasis, Dynamic Threshold, White Level Readings Taken Directly From Paper, Automatic Separation, Noise Reduction, Auto Preview, Auto Rescan, Dither, Error Diffusion and Multi-color Dropout.

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