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Overcoming knowledge silos with Northern Light and AWS Data Exchange

From a lack of access to data, to the loss of valuable time spent searching for information, knowledge silos can hamper employee productivity and undermine your ability to successfully collaborate across your organization.

KMWorld recently held a webinar with David Seuss, CEO, Northern Light and Praveen Haridas, business development, healthcare and life sciences, AWS Data Exchange, who discussed how gathering data in one place and using third-party data can help reduce data fragmentation, improve technology, and accelerate business.

Many pharmaceutical, information technology, and financial services companies license 10 – 30 syndicated market and competitive intelligence research sources and pay for access to the research for 6,000 marketing, sales, and product development employees, spending $2 to $10 million a year on the content. Surprisingly little of it gets used, Seuss explained.

The content is not used because it is fragmented into content silos held by each publisher. Integration of third-party content is not just an IT project: it requires a complicated set of skills and activities, he said.

The need for diverse data is increasing and AWS Data Exchange makes subscribing to and consuming data easy, Haridas explained.

The solution offers one place to exchange data publicly or privately, easy subscription management, simplified and secure billing and provisioning, and can natively integrate data into AWS.

Data providers such as Northern Light can provide data curation as service, which can subscribe data sets from multiple providers available in the ADX, integrate and Curate it as per individual customers’ needs, and deliver the result into the customers’ internal solutions.

Northern Light SinglePoint aggregates all the content relevant to the user needs regardless of the content’s origin, Seuss said.

AWS and the Data Exchange add content and operational options to fit any client requirement, according to Seuss.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.

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