Outlaw enhances contract platform 

Outlaw Inc., a modern contract platform, is adding several new features to its core product, designed to help businesses efficiently manage higher volumes of contracts. 

Outlaw’s collaborative platform enables parties to create, edit, negotiate and execute agreements.

Outlaw’s new features include:

  • Checkpoints Internal Signoff: Ideal for companies who need to have multiple eyes approve a contract before sending it out, Checkpoint allows contract owners to collaborate with internal stakeholders, who can suggest changes and approve content.
  • Version Control:  Contract versioning is typically managed by passing a Word document back and forth. Outlaw removes the need for email attachments by letting individuals simultaneously collaborate on the same contract, easily compare changes, highlight sections that need to be reviewed, and restore earlier versions.
  • Secrets: Secrets add an extra level of security for sensitive data such as a bank account or social security numbers by encrypting this information so that it can only be viewed by counterparties once the contract is fully executed.

The new product further serves Outlaw's guiding principle of using elegant, intuitive design to make the contract experience--which is often intimidating and confusing--enjoyable for both sides of a deal.

For more information about these updates, visit https://getoutlaw.com/.

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