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Oracle Acquires DataScience.com

Oracle has signed an agreement to acquire DataScience.com, which offers a platform that centralizes data science tools, projects, and infrastructure in a governed workspace. Data science teams use the platform to organize work, easily access data and computing resources, and execute end-to-end model development workflows.

According to Oracle, DataScience.com empowers data scientists to deliver the business-changing insights executives expect in less time with self-service access to open source tools, data and computing resources, while also improving the ability of IT teams to support that work. Oracle embeds artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities across its software as a service and platform as a service solutions, including big data, analytics and security operations, to enable digital transformations.

Together, the companies say,Oracle and DataScience.com will provide customers with a single data science platform that leverages Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and the breadth of Oracle's integrated SaaS and PaaS offerings to help them realize the full potential of machine learning.

Data science requires a comprehensive platform to simplify operations and deliver value at scale, said Ian Swanson, CEO of DataScience.com, noting that DataScience.com, provides a robust platform that removes barriers to deploying valuable machine learning models in production. By joining forces with Oracle’s cloud platform, DataScience.com will be able to help customers realize the benefits of their investments in data science.

More information about this announcement is available at www.oracle.com/datascience.

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