Optimizing and Utilizing SharePoint

SharePoint continues to gain steam and it seems that every organization uses it. The solution mandates that we pay attention to actionable analytics and migrating content.

In a recent KMWorld webinar, Sean Coleman, chief customer officer at BA Insight, and Andrew Hutson, director of consulting at KnowledgeLake, discussed the type of analytics users need to turn insight into action.

Great SharePoint deployments are interactive, relevant, and proactive, according to Coleman.

The goals for actionable insights include insight into user profiles and activity, a personalized delivery of content, content recommendations based on activity, and notifications of content availability, Coleman explained.

The benefits of this include increased user engagement, validation that SharePoint is delivering results, and improved performance and satisfaction.

Things that should be tracked include users and their profile data, what actions they are taking, and when things happened, Coleman noted.

Coleman recommended a tool that can sufficiently do all these things. With BA Insight Smart Analytics users can gain key metrics while tracking users. This provides users with insight to help improve user experience.

Hutson explained how SharePoint can help collaboration and archive records.

SharePoint collaboration allows users to file sync, drag and drop, co-author, web edit, and externally share documents. SharePoint can also easily find records and also archive historically valued data.  

KnowledgeLake can help better streamline all these capabilities, Hutson said.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.

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