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Onix and Expert System Partner

Onix, a provider of IT solutions and services to government and corporate customers, and Expert System, a provider of multilingual cognitive computing technology for the management and exploitation of unstructured information, have announced that Onix will be integrating Expert System’s Cogito technology into its commercial and federal market solutions. 

Expert System’s Cogito helps protect against cognitive bias by applying a variety of world views leveraging community/topic-specific taxonomies, said Dal VanDervort, vice president of sales at Onix. The technology’s ability to cost-effectively reconfigure data environments while delivering rich metadata will be a key differentiator for Onix and its customers, he added.

Cogito has the ability to read, comprehend and learn, up-front, and understands the meaning of words the way that people do, with the ability to identify the correct meaning of words and expressions in context, as well as the ability to register the relationships between different concepts, according to the companies. The software also becomes more intelligent by learning from human experts and written communications to acquire new knowledge, as well as slang, puns, jargon and other nuances of a language.

Because the Cogito semantic engine goes beyond keyword search to help prioritize efforts, generate leads and hypotheses, and helps facilitate the act of discovery, said Luigi Paraboschi, EVP corporate development for Expert System, it will enable Onix’s customers to achieve better data analytics and cognitive computing capabilities.

For more information, visit www.expertsystem.com and www.onixnet.com.

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