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Nuxeo Insight Cloud delivers the next generation of enterprise AI and intelligent content services

Nuxeo, provider of a cloud-native content services platform (CSP), has announced the immediate availability of Nuxeo Insight Cloud, an AI offering that enables enterprises to employ machine learning models that non-technical users can use and train with their own specific datasets, which automates and delivers greater intelligence to content-driven processes.

Business-specific metadata is the foundation of effective search, workflow, and other value-creation activities in content-centric business applications. However, according to Nuxeo, the challenge has always been the manual effort and investment required to properly and accurately identify content and link it to related materials. Existing content enrichment AI services address this challenge in one of two ways. Some services are easy to deploy and provide generic metadata not based on a business's specific content. Others allow custom model development, but require scarce data science expertise to use.

Nuxeo Insight Cloud is the first content enrichment AI service designed for business users that enterprises can train with their own data, and as a result, leverage AI models that are inherently more accurate and relevant. It automatically generates (meta)data values to enrich content, drive workflows, and increase intelligence about information.

Because Nuxeo Insight Cloud is powered by the Nuxeo Platform, it provides two additional AI capabilities that are new to the market, the company says. First, Nuxeo Insight Cloud provides a microservice to intelligently describe content in disparate systems such as Box, Dropbox, and legacy enterprise content management repositories. And second, all machine learning models are versioned and provide a comprehensive audit trail for machine-generated metadata values.

For more information, go to www.nuxeo.com.

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