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Nuance Unveils New Dragon for Windows and Mac OS X Releases

Nuance Communications, Inc., a provider of voice and language solutions for businesses and consumers, has introduced a new suite of Dragon professional productivity solutions for PCs and Macs that leverage Nuance Deep Learning technology to deliver greater accuracy.

Dragon Professional Individual version 15 and Dragon Professional Individual for Mac version 6 feature dictation, transcription, and customization capabilities, and also sync vocabulary customizations and auto-texts with Nuance Dragon Anywhere, available separately, to extend speech recognition to mobile devices running iOS or Android.

With Deep Learning technology at the core of its speech engine, the company says Dragon now delivers increased accuracy for more users with an enhanced ability to learn the individuals’ voice patterns and accents, and adapt to acoustics in open office or mobile environments.

The updated solutions mark the first time Deep Learning capabilities can run embedded on a personal computer leveraging a user’s speech data to improve their own language and acoustic model.

According to Nuance, Deep Learning is a pattern recognition technique inspired by the way the human brain learns and interprets sensory input.  Nuance uses this technique to advance accuracy across our speech recognition technologies, including Dragon, according to Vlad Sejnoha, CTO, Nuance Communications. The new Dragon portfolio includes an advancement that allows Dragon’s Deep Neural Nets to continuously learn from the user’s speech during use on a standard personal computer, and drive accuracy rates in some instances up to 24% higher, he added.

The new Dragon releases also offer advanced transcription and customization, and an improved ability to work with portable touchscreen PCs, extending the benefits of speech recognition to more mobile use cases and environments. As a result, documents can be completed with faster and with higher accuracy.

For more information, visit www.nuance.co.uk.

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