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Northern Light adds COVID-19 research and information to Clinician Insights

Northern Light is adding a COVID-19 research dashboard to Clinician Insights, an open and freely accessible website that offers physicians and other healthcare clinicians instant, searchable access to clinical trials.

"What Northern Light is really good at is making research easy to find and accessible," said C. David Seuss, Northern Light's CEO.  "Given the situation with the coronavirus pandemic, it seemed obvious the right thing to do was to bring Northern Light's skills and deep content resources to bear to help clinicians and researchers beat this threat back by making research that is otherwise hard to find and hard to search easily available.  Healthcare providers, practicing physicians, policy makers, and even patients can go to Clinician Insights to keep up with the latest clinical trial information and research  based on reliably-sourced information, well organized and clearly presented."

Clinician Insights enables users to easily browse the latest research and conference papers in more than a dozen clinical specialties to glean useful and timely information to support their patient care initiatives. 

The Clinician Insights website, which requires no registration to use and has no advertising, enables integrated search across multiple content sources, and delivers informative search summaries and article abstracts.

In addition, users can save custom searches and bookmark articles, receive email search alerts about new research or news in their clinical specialty, and create custom dashboards with only the topics an individual cares most about.

The underlying technology that drives Clinician Insights is Northern Light SinglePoint, an enterprise strategic research portal platform used for research by 250,000 professionals at Fortune 100 organizations, including the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. 

The curated content contained in Clinician Insights is drawn from ClinicalTrials.gov, MEDLINE (aggregated by the National Institutes of Health), Northern Light Business News, and Northern Light Conference Abstracts research collections.

For more information about this news, visit https://northernlight.com/.

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