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Netigate EX Engage helps organizations improve their employee experience

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Netigate is introducing Netigate EX Engage, a new platform that aims to transform the way companies work with employee engagement.

“With nearly two decades of dedicated in-house expertise at Netigate, we’ve always envisioned empowering leaders to cultivate engagement, efficiency, and top-tier team performance. The newly launched employee engagement product embodies this vision,” said Henrik Ceder, chief product officer at Netigate. 

Developed with a contemporary perspective, this innovative product is designed to address the unique challenges faced by HR professionals and leaders in today’s workplace, according to the company. By leveraging the power of feedback, Netigate EX Engage empowers HR professionals and leaders with the necessary tools to cultivate a thriving workplace culture. 

By capturing employee sentiment, facilitating continuous feedback, and offering data-driven insights, Netigate EX Engage enables companies to drive engagement initiatives with precision and foresight.

Powered by advanced analytics and AI-driven recommendations, Netigate EX Engage serves as a catalyst for empowering employees, reducing turnover, and nurturing a motivated, high-performing workforce with people at the heart, according to the company. 

Netigate EX Engage is built upon a proven employee engagement model. Tailored for organizations that prioritize employees at the heart of their mission, the new product serves as a cornerstone in driving engagement. This results in elevated employee satisfaction and ultimately, heightened customer contentment, according to the company.

“The launch of EX Engage not only underscores our commitment to understanding people, but also strengthens our mission of enabling organizations to create enriched experiences for their employees,” said Mikkel Drucker, CEO of Netigate. “Recognizing that employee engagement significantly influences an organization’s success and productivity, our expanded product suite is a testament to our commitment and dedication.”

For more information about this news, visit www.netigate.net.

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