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NOS Microsystems Releases Encrypted Cloud Platform

NOS Microsystems is releasing an all-in-one privacy app, get2Clouds, allowing users to encrypt data on their cloud, send large files privately and securely, and includes an intuitive messenger with unique ‘555’ number option so actual phone numbers can be protected, and it can be used on SIM-less devices.

get2Clouds works with all major cloud providers so data on public clouds can be encrypted and transferred.

Users can also secure and send via their network attached storage (NAS), making their NAS their own private cloud.

This is great news for small businesses and artists who want to protect their intellectual property. When sending files via get2Clouds, a double layer of encryption is applied, adding extra security. The patented data transfer technology employed already secures over one billion downloads annually for the industrial automation sector.

get2Clouds features:

  • No registration necessary
  • Automatic international 555 number for devices with no SIM or to protect anonymity
  • Communicate, cloud sync and transfer large files in one encrypted bubble
  • Fast, secure file transfers of unlimited size and of all kinds on the go
  • Compatible with major cloud providers
  • Transfer either via the integrated encrypted messenger or email
  • Set personalized password for highly sensitive files
  • Verify contacts’ identity with FaceCheck®
  • Set the time you want your files to be sent (great for time differences)
  • Optional self-destructing messages
  • Separate corporate and private cloud profiles
  • Easy-to-use drag and drop function
  • Mobile and desktop application, use across multiple devices
  • Small size application so doesn’t hinder device performance

For more information about this release, visit www.nosltd.com.

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