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NICE acquires MindTouch and launches CXone Expert

NICE, a provider of cloud and on-prem enterprise software solutions, has announced the launch of CXone Expert, following its acquisition of MindTouch Inc., a San Diego-based provider of cloud-based knowledge management software for customer experience.

CXone Expert is an AI-powered knowledge management solution that reduces friction by projecting personalized content to customers seeking self-service while adding crucial insights throughout the customer journey.

“We face a new breed of next-generation consumers who live in a digital world,” said Paul Jarman, NICE CXone CEO. “They want smart self-service, and they would like to get things done digitally on their own if they can. With CXone Expert, we are helping companies apply smart self-service best practices using AI technology to meet consumer demand for faster, more convenient experiences.”

CXone takes a holistic approach to improving both agent and customer experiences, helping organizations of all sizes modernize and remain agile and resilient in today’s increasingly digital landscape.

According to NICE, when communicating with customer service organizations, consumers expect choice and flexibility. CXone Expert enables self-service experiences through the digital channels customers turn to first, from mobile applications and search engines to chatbots and websites by surfacing the right content when, where and how they want it in order to provide a seamless experience. This extends all the way to human assistance by giving agents the full context and power to see the customer’s journey and create an intelligent, constructive conversation.

For more information, go to www.nice.com.

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