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MetaSource buys document management company Digiscribe

MetaSource, LLC, a provider of business process management, workflow automation and compliance solutions across a broad array of industries, has acquired New York-based Digiscribe, a business process outsourcing company with deep roots in the northeastern U.S.

The acquisition expands the MetaSource footprint with the addition of new offices in New York City and Boston. It also amplifies the state-of-the-art business solutions available to Digiscribe clients with products that improve efficiency, lower costs and streamline workflow processes.

“This was an opportunity to bring clients of both companies an even more comprehensive array of workflow automation expertise and tools. And it couldn’t have come at a more appropriate and necessary time, as a record number of businesses are grappling with the implications of inefficiencies that the pandemic has exposed and exacerbated,” said Adam Östhed, president and CEO of MetaSource.

“We are committed to smoothing out the hurdles for all of our clients, but especially those burdened by processes that are overly dependent on paper and a centralized workforce,” Östhed said. “With an even greater range of tools, locations and expertise at our disposal, we look forward to bringing the advantages of digital transformation to businesses across the board.”

The combination creates a breadth of expertise in digital mailroom capabilities and implementation, an area that is among the most sought-after digital enhancements in recent months, according to MetaSource. For more information, go to  www.metasource.com and www.digiscribe.info.

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