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MarkLogic launches Pharma Research Hub to accelerate drug research and results

MarkLogic has announced the MarkLogic Pharma Research Hub to enable pharmaceutical companies to lower drug trial costs and accelerate research by helping researchers find, synthesize and share high-quality data—including, genetic, proteomic, drug, textual, binary and clinical trial data—within a single cloud service. 

The MarkLogic Pharma Research Hub uses machine learning and other advanced technologies including semantics, fuzzy matching, relevance ranking and rich metadata to manage, organize and retrieve information. And, as a fully managed cloud service, MarkLogic says, the Pharma Research Hub can be set up in minutes and ingests data 10x faster than custom-developed solutions—without IT management burden. 

According to MarkLogic, the Pharma Research Hub standardizes and extends the best practices from multiple customer deployments. The underlying MarkLogic Data Hub Platform has been used to run some of the most complex businesses for nearly 2 decades. The platform is built for petabytes but can also be cost-effectively scoped to small datasets. It is governed and secure from the beginning unlike data stored in a Hadoop data lake, which can take years to build while the business waits for results. 

By working with five of the largest global pharmaceutical companies and other leaders in the healthcare ecosystem, MarkLogic has used its Data Hub technology to help solve pharmaceutical companies’ business and data challenges by:

  • Enabling search and visualization of relationships: View, navigate, and search the graph of connections in data by leveraging all inherent relationships. Visualizing these relationships in data, such as how a researcher is connected to institutions and peers, or how a gene, drug target and metabolic pathway are related, can lead to faster discoveries.
  • Leveraging machine learning: Users get better search results on higher quality data. MarkLogic’s Smart Mastering feature uses machine learning to find and consolidate related and duplicate items and to construct a knowledge graph of all data. Data quality rules are applied as data is loaded. This high-quality, mastered data dramatically improves search results and enables better downstream bioinformatics and AI analysis.
  • Loading any pharma data set: The Pharma Research Hub allows loading of any pharmaceutical information – publications, authors, drugs, genes and more – so companies can quickly access consolidated information to perform research.

More information on the MarkLogic Pharma Research Hub is available.

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