MarkLogic Partners with Cryptsoft to Integrate Security Enhancements to its Platform

MarkLogic Corporation, an operational and transactional enterprise NoSQL database provider, is enhancing its platform with tools to secure and manage data encryption keys.

Through a licensing and technology alliance with Cryptsoft, MarkLogic will embed Cryptsoft’s KMIP (Key Management Interoperability Protocol) technology into the upcoming MarkLogic 9 database.

Encryption key management tools are an effective means of protecting data by improving security, increasing operational efficiency, and maintaining compliance.

To address hacking concerns, MarkLogic has deployed Cryptsoft technology to protect data at-rest.

By embedding Cryptsoft’s Key Management SDKs into the MarkLogic database, MarkLogic customers can manage data security from across the entire enterprise using the KMIP toolkit.

According to Tony Cox, director of strategy and alliances at Cryptsoft, deploying Cryptsoft’s KMIP conformant encryption and key management technologies enables Marklogic’s customers to be sure that not only are their data resources available quickly, reliably and at scale, but that long-term, industry-standard protection is also maintained.

For more information about this security enhancement, visit www.marklogic.com.

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