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MarkLogic 9.0-5 Improves Automation and Secure Data Integration

Enterprise NoSQL database provider MarkLogic has announced the release of MarkLogic 9.0-5. According to the company, the new release represents a major step forward in automated, secure workload management for data integration projects in the cloud, and in the data center. The updated version provides greater security, enhanced facilities for mission-critical operations and workload management, and enhancements to MarkLogic’s open source Data Hub Framework (DHF).

MarkLogic 9.0-5 is part of the company's continuing mission to make MarkLogic easier to use and more automatic, said David Gorbet, SVP of engineering, MarkLogic. Beyond that, he said, the new enhancements can be divided into two main themes, one of which is “smart database technology,” with the database providing the ability to understand more about the context of a company’s data so it can govern and manage it better.

As part of that first theme, he said, the Data Hub Framework (DHF) now comes pre-installed and is part of the product with MarkLogic. Several enhancements to its core modules make it easier for developers and architects to orchestrate data ingestion and data curation within the data hub. A new streamlined API will also make building data hubs simpler, while numerous data ingestion and performance enhancements make operations faster and more secure. MarkLogic 9.0-5 also includes enhancements to search, SQL, and semantics to make content-aware data access within the data hub even  and more powerful.

In addition, continuing the process of making MarkLogic semantically aware of the data, ontology-driven entity extraction enables an organization to build an ontology of the key concepts in the business and then to enrich the data automatically based on that ontology. The result is improved search results, automated metadata tagging, enhanced governance and more. This allows organizations to use search to find concepts instead of just content, noted Gorbet.

The second key theme in the new release is infrastructure agility, said Gorbet.  In this area, MarkLogic 9.0-5 improves cloud data security by connecting MarkLogic’s advanced encryption features to native Amazon Web Services (AWS) key management services. In addition there is new customer support for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) with new cloud formation templates to ensure secure deployments. Anew Configuration Management API within MarkLogic 9.0-5 will also help to simplify complex data operations in order to enable a self-service model for cloud deployments. These additions are intended to accelerate cloud deployments, said Gorbet, noting that the company is seeing more companies moving to the cloud. The goal is to provide cloud neutrality with support for both AWS and Microsoft Azure.

And finally, with growing use of containers, the new release expands beyond Docker support for dev/test to provide production support for Docker containers, increasing data portability and agility, while enhancing capabilities for workload management. MarkLogic 9.0-5 also adds a new facility that makes maintenance upgrades 10x faster, reduces downtime, and leads to faster restarts. In addition, whether in the cloud or on-premises, enterprises will be secure by default by having the option to encrypt their databases on install. Customers can now also tie database security more closely to their operations using LDAP mutual and external bind authentication.

Continuing the theme of infrastructure improvements, coming in summer 2018, MarkLogic also plans to introduce a “query as a service,” offering, enabling a query service completely managed by MarkLogic to be hooked up to a cluster.

For MarkLogic 9.0-5 release notes, go to http://docs.marklogic.com/guide/relnotes/chap3#id_32477

For more information about MarkLogic, go to www.marklogic.com.

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