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MaritzCX Announces Predictive and Social Response Products to Manage the Customer Experience

MaritzCX, a global customer experience (CX) software and services company, has introduced  early adopter programs for two new capabilities in its customer experience product offerings. To help businesses broaden their understanding and response to customers, the first new product, PredictionCX, helps businesses grow by analyzing known customer information and applying it to predict customer loyalty. The second new product, SocialCX, helps CX professionals manage and increase reviews on social media at the local/branch level.

MaritzCX, says it created PredictionCX to give organizations greater opportunity to recover customers and drive financial returns from their customer experience programs.

According to Chris Cottle, CMO of MaritzCX, despite marketers’ desire for more data about their customers, the proliferation of customer surveys is causing “survey fatigue,” making it difficult for them to understand the customer experience and successfully address loyalty and retention issues. PredictionCX, Cottle noted, “brings light to the silent majority” by combining “the technology and process to help with this problem.”

PredictionCX product can extrapolate the things that are known about the customers who respond to surveys and apply them to those who do not. To accomplish this, MaritzCX says it is partnering with PurePredictive, a technology provider with technology that uses artificial intelligence to automate machine learning, to deliver part of the PredictiveCX solution. MaritzCX will then use its platform and services teams for the remaining analytics and reporting. PredictiveCX will be integrated into MaritzCX dashboards and case management to provide stronger customer experience to enable marketers to better upsell customers and retain them.

In addition, the second product, SocialCX, is aimed at helping businesses influence their online reputation by encouraging everyday customers to generate positive reviews, leading to a more favorable social presence at the local level and increased customer conversion. SocialCX focuses on social media sources that contain the most useful information such as popular product review sites and then uses a MaritzCX text analytics engine to find, capture, and transform unstructured social media data into useful and relevant CX insights. “This is changing the game and filling a big gap,” said Cottle. Through the combination of the two products, he added, MaritzCX is not just providing more information about customers to marketers, but helping them take meaningful action.

PredictionCX is currently being offered through a limited, early-adopter program. SocialCX will be available for purchase in summer, 2016.

For information on both of these products, go to www.maritzcx.com.

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