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Maptician strengthens the hybrid workplace with latest updates

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Maptician, a leading solution for hybrid workplaces, is introducing significant advancements in Visitor Management, further enhancing the platform’s crucial role in hybrid workplace experience.

The newly released, enhanced features of Visitor Management ensure that Visitors can be invited in advance via the core Maptician application and a simple pre-registration process.

Visitors then receive automated email communications with important information about their visit, including access information for the day of the visit, including a QR code or a unique code to facilitate seamless access with the Maptician Visitor Signage app the day of their visit.

The new features also provide enhanced managerial control for administrators of the system, enabling the ability to select hosts, generated directly through the Maptician application, and more easily report on visitors, maintaining visitor logs, that may have been historically on a pad of paper, other electronic tools, and/or a spreadsheet.

“As organizations innovate their workplaces and iterate their hybrid workplace experiences, Maptician is vital.  In a single, unified platform, Maptician helps organizations not only seamlessly and efficiently manage their workspaces and workforce, but helps them learn, grow, and provide unprecedented service that enhance that experience,” CEO of Maptician, Alaa Pasha, said. “We’re thrilled that the simplicity and ease of our technology has helped so many organizations and professionals be successful innovating their workspaces and look forward now to doing more.”

For more information about these updates, visit www.maptician.com.

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