Maana Launches Knowledge Graph Platform with Self-Service Capabilities

Maana, a provider of digital knowledge technology, is releasing Maana “Q,” advancing the core Maana Knowledge Platform with enhanced self-service capabilities.

The platform will enable subject matter-experts and business analysts to use the Maana Computational Knowledge Graph to develop a digital knowledge layer over operational and industrial data.

This digital knowledge layer demonstrates the interdependencies between concepts such as equipment, people, and activities, enabling enterprises to accelerate building, AI-driven Knowledge Applications that optimize decision flows.

Maana Q provides subject-matter experts and business analysts with a highly intuitive user experience that enables them to build, enrich, search, navigate, and visually explore the Maana Computational Knowledge Graph and understand the relationships and interdependencies between concepts such as equipment, people, and activities within the enterprise. 

The Maana Q architecture is built using GraphQL, a query language developed by Facebook. GraphQL provides an increasingly popular interface to the Maana Computational Knowledge Graph, making it easier for users to integrate new and existing intelligent services with Maana’s platform.

Maana Q includes several Knowledge Bots, which automate many of the computational modeling data scientists perform, such as field classification, entity recognition and supervised machine learning.   The Bots accelerate building AI-driven knowledge applications that enhance both the quality and the speed with which day-to-day decisions are made in the enterprise.

Maana Q is also cloud native, allowing enterprises to deploy Maana on Microsoft Azure for greater enterprise security, scalability and control.

Maana Q architecture uses Docker for enhanced agility, portability, and security, making it easy to extend the platform with additional components.

For more information about this release, visit www.maana.io.

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