MANTA adds active-tags feature to its platform, empowering customers to visualize and connect their data

Data lineage platform MANTA is making numerous enhancements to its platform, providing customers with deeper visibility into their complex data environments.

These updates include an active tags feature which allows users to easily highlight any asset in the context of their data pipelines.

By attributing fully customized icons to individual nodes, teams working on data privacy and data quality issues will significantly improve collaboration and accelerate issue resolution, according to the vendor.

“Organizations are increasingly becoming aware of data quality and privacy issues but cannot see how these issues are affecting their data pipeline,” said Ernie Ostic, SVP of products at MANTA. “Without this context, it’s impossible to know how critical an issue is or what else within the business it might be disrupting. With active tags, users will now be able to flag, identify, and draw attention to these issues within the data pipeline, enabling them to better visualize the issues and prioritize which need to be addressed first.”

In addition to active tags, the latest version of MANTA’s data lineage platform boasts various new features for the platform’s available scanners, including improvements to StreamSets, Google BigQuery, Talend, and Snowflake, as well as an expanded PostgreSQL portfolio with Yellowbrick and Amazon Relational Database Services now accounted for.

This version of MANTA also includes a simpler configuration of MANTA Perspectives that allows users to organize their lineage metadata into their own folders and hierarchies faster and easier.

Further, users leveraging MANTA in hybrid environments will benefit from updates to Open MANTA—the solution that allows users to build their own metadata ingestion process for MANTA flow without a formal scanner.

The platform brings independent inclusion of Dictionary metadata for Open MANTA Integration Export, and in addition to supporting Docker container technology, now supports container orchestration system Kubernetes.

For more information about these updates, visit https://getmanta.com/.

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