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M-Files Introduces New Solution for Automated Contract Management

M-Files Corporation, a provider of enterprise information management (EIM) solutions has announced the immediate availability of M-Files Contract Management, a new solution for organizations that rely on contracts and agreements.

M-Files Contract Management is a purpose-built cloud solution to help drive consistency, efficiency and transparency by automating and simplifying the way organizations create, review, approve, sign and renew contracts and agreements.

M-Files Contract Management is aimed at helping organizations automate key processes while also increasing visibility to ensure contracts do not inadvertently expire, or that important opportunities, such as a discount or a renegotiation period, are not missed. Contracts can be digitally signed with DocuSign even while out of the office using the M-Files mobile app. In addition, key stakeholders can also receive automated notifications related to contract events, such as expiration and renewal dates; and secure access controls can be configured and enforced by roles, teams, and projects to ensure that important contracts and agreements can only be accessed or modified by authorized team members.

Automating the contract management process is critical for organizations to not only increase efficiency, but also to nurture and maximize business relationships, said Mika Javanainen, senior director of product management at M-Files.  M-Files Contract Management supports organizatios, he said, by automating and simplifying businesses processes with a cloud-based solution.

M-Files Contract Management also includes features for contract initiation, drafting and negotiation, review and approval, digital signing, lifecycle management with assignments, notifications, contract renewal and archiving, as well as highly efficient search and retrieval, and the ability to organize contracts by clients, vendors, and projects with dashboards to view contract status and milestones.

For more information about M-Files Contract Management, go here.



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