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Luminoso reveals model for deep sentiment analysis

Luminoso, the company that automatically turns unstructured text data into business-critical insights, is unveiling its new deep learning model for analyzing sentiment of multiple concepts within the same text-based document.

Luminoso’s new deep learning model understands documents using multiple layers of attention, a mechanism that identifies which words are relevant to get context around a specific concept as expressed by a word or phrase.

This model is capable of identifying the author’s sentiment for each individual concept they’ve written about, as opposed to providing an analysis of the overall sentiment of the document.

“While sentiment analysis has been prevalent for well over a decade, the most common form of sentiment analysis today involves evaluating whether a document’s sentiment is overall more positive than negative,” said Adam Carte, CEO of Luminoso. “This type of analysis is overly-simplistic, as it fails to address nuanced comments such as customers explaining what they like and dislike about a product, or employee feedback about a company’s strengths and weaknesses. With Concept-Level Sentiment in Luminoso Daylight, businesses across industries will be able to upload any text-based document, and quickly receive a nuanced analysis of the author’s sentiment regarding the topics they wrote about.”

Using Concept-Level Sentiment, users will be able to:

  • Effectively analyze mixed feedback
  • Quickly surface buried feedback
  • Intuitively aggregate concept sentiment across an entire dataset
  • Analyze customer and employee feedback across multiple languages

To learn more about this solution, visit https://luminoso.com/.

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