Luminoso creates tool to boost search in its natural language understanding platform

Luminoso, the company that turns unstructured text data into business-critical insights, is releasing Search Enhancement, an application of its natural language understanding (NLU) technology that offers organizations better results from their existing search engines.

“While a number of AI-powered search engine offerings claim to provide more intuitive query results, none offer the ability to make an organization’s existing search system automatically understand millions more words and phrases,” said Adam Carte, CEO of Luminoso. “Search Enhancement works right out of the box, offering organizations across industries the fastest way to start getting more human-like and useful results from their existing search engine solutions.”

Search Enhancement supplements traditional search engines by expanding their indexes. Leveraging Luminoso’s proprietary natural language modeling system, QuickLearn 2.0, Search Enhancement augments keywords into lists of related topics, and offers intuitive responses to searches that contain misspellings, acronyms, domain-specific terminology, slang, and words with multiple meanings.

Search Enhancement with Luminoso can augment any type of search engine, including those used for e-commerce sites, intranet systems, or wikis.

Search Enhancement features APIs that enable organizations to easily integrate the application into their existing search engine solution.

For more information about this release, visit https://luminoso.com/.

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