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Lumiata partners with Ascend.io to offer data preparation for healthcare customers on AWS and Azure

Lumiata is partnering with Ascend.io to provide customers with access to its proprietary data preparation process, enabling healthcare companies to tap into machine learning data.

This relationship will ensure that all Lumiata customers, regardless of their cloud environment, can work seamlessly with the company in their own virtual private cloud environment (VPC).

"AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics have quickly become vital technologies across industries, and healthcare is no exception," said Sean Knapp, CEO and founder of Ascend.io. "Designed from the ground up to run natively on AWS, Azure, or GCP, the Ascend platform easily fits into any data ecosystem, providing a unified fabric for companies to run their businesses in any environment. We are thrilled to bring the power of the Ascend platform to Lumiata and support the company on its mission to democratize AI in healthcare—across any cloud environment."

The partnership enhances Lumiata's offering to healthcare companies with a cloud-agnostic solution for data preparation and access to the Lumiata Data Management pipeline, including data normalization, enrichment, and tagging with Lumiata's proprietary disease codes, to generate Person360 records. The Lumiata data preparation process prepares customers' data so it is machine-learning ready.

Lumiata's proprietary data preparation process is a data management solution for healthcare companies that need their healthcare data machine learning ready and solves the "garbage-in, garbage-out" cycle.

Lumiata works with healthcare companies to provide AI predictions for financial and clinical risk management.

The Ascend Unified Data Engineering Platform offers the solution to quickly and simply build the underlying data pipelines required—all with 95% less code and automated maintenance of the pipelines, according to the vendor.

"Lumiata has been looking for an opportunity to efficiently and effectively support customers on AWS and Azure," said Miguel Alvarado, Lumiata CTO. "Ascend.io is the right partner to agnostically deliver our Data Management pipeline to healthcare customers that need to maintain their data in a VPC."

For more information about this news, visit www.lumiata.com or www.ascend.io.  

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