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LumApps introduces LumApps Journeys

LumApps, provider of an employee experience platform, has announced LumApps Journeys, an intelligent solution to help organizations to deliver contextualized employee journeys within the flow of work.

LumApps Journeys leverages technology acquired through its recently completed acquisition of HeyAxel. LumApps is integrating HeyAxel’s no-code HR automation and employee onboarding capabilities and has expanded its platform to include intelligent, automated journeys for a variety of other common moments in the employee lifecycle, such as training and development, event planning, and tailored communication campaigns.

Key features and benefits of LumApps Journeys include:

  • Enriched employee profiles generated from multiple data sources, that leaders can use to create and deploy targeting and persona-based campaigns with recommended next best actions for employees.
  • Multi-channel, multi-device content delivery to ensure messages are seen by employees throughout their workday based on individual needs or preferences and allow employees to pick up where they left off across devices. 
  • Customized goal-tracking functionality and intelligent insights to monitor success and allow organizations to know how initiatives are performing per region, population, and delivery method.

“Our goal is to help organizations deliver the best employee experience possible from day one,” said Chris McLaughlin, CMO at LumApps. “The typical onboarding process consists of about 54 tasks. Statistics show it takes an average of 6-8 months for a new hire to be fully operational. Using LumApps Journeys, organizations can accelerate this process and get employees productive quickly. More importantly, since 44% of resignations happen in the first year of employment, a positive onboarding experience can lead to greater employee engagement and longer-term retention.” 

For more information, go to www.lumapps.com/products/lumapps-journeys.

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