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Lucidworks rolls out new SaaS search platform ‘Springboard’

Lucidworks, provider of AI-powered search applications, has introduced a new SaaS platform, Springboard, and a roadmap for new applications and updates to Fusion.

Springboard offers outcome-optimized solutions for non-technical users who are deploying search to improve interactions in the customer lifecycle.

The company also announced Connected Search, the first application available on Springboard, which it says was built to answer the market need for a cloud-native search platform that is scalable, easy for any business user to set up and manage, and outcomes-driven.

Springboard is a multi-tenant SaaS platform that powers applications for search, browsing, and discovery. Applications built on Springboard improve time-to-value, simplify maintenance, and deliver relevancy out-of-the-box so customers can use search to solve their most challenging business problems. 

“Lucidworks has been solving complex search challenges for the past decade, and Springboard is our answer to what the market and our customers need in today’s digital-first environment,” said Will Hayes, CEO, Lucidworks. “The Springboard design philosophy is that high-quality search at scale should be easy for anyone to deploy and cost efficient. Customer feedback drove our roadmap of applications for specific solutions, including our first publicly available application, Connected Search. We’re making it easy for customers to create connections between people, capture and understand signals that show preference and intent, and improve the total experience for customers, service agents, and employees without requiring search or development experience.”

As the first application available on Springboard, Connected Search offers a search and insight engine with push-button AI, guided workflows, and optimized analytics. Early access customers span a wide range of industries, including healthcare technology, public services, utilities, and software. 

Lucidworks’ product roadmap also includes updates to its cloud-ready flagship product, Fusion. According to Lucidworks, in the past year, the number of customers using its Fusion cloud offering grew by almost 200% and the average recurring revenue attributed to cloud-based solutions tripled.

“We understand how to solve search at scale,” said Vivek Sriram, chief product officer, Lucidworks. “Our roadmap for 2022 extends our unique ability to make high quality search easy and accessible, delivered as SaaS through Springboard. For our customers who want the power and flexibility, we continue to innovate on our flagship Fusion platform with features that extend an already robust AI and machine learning offering.”

Lucidworks announced the following 2022 roadmap:

Q1 2022: Connected Search available as the first publicly available application on Springboard; built to simplify search for organizations with complex content catalogs.

Updates to Connected Search including guided workflows for relevancy optimization; rules to boost, block, and pin certain products; advanced analytics; google analytics integration; document repository data sources.

Continued innovation on Predictive Merchandiser feature set to give users more fine-grained control over page elements and results quality, including additional data connectivity options, and high availability options for semantic search.

Q2 2022: Connected Service is expected to be the second available application on Springboard; provides quick-to-deploy search applications for customer service use cases such as agent effectiveness and self-service knowledge base.

Updates to Connected Search including guided, push-button AI for advanced relevancy optimization including synonyms and facet management; audience personalized experience.

Additional machine learning capabilities added to Fusion that will allow customers to use sophisticated modeling to expand results and drive conversions.

Q3 2022: Updates to Connected Search including related content recommendations; A/B testing; segmentation.

Adding page ranking functionality to Fusion that will allow customers to surface more relevant products and documents.

Q4 2022: Connected Commerce is expected to be available as a search, browse, and discovery solution built for ecommerce use cases.

Continue innovation on Fusion against Lucidworks’ commitment to cloud transformation and optimized architecture to support updates and improvements.

Go to https://lucidworks.com/products/connected-search for more information.

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