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Looker Unveils Integration with Workplace by Facebook

Looker, a data platform company, has announced its integration for Workplace by Facebook, an enterprise communication and collaboration platform. The integration delivers business insights from Looker directly into Workplace to help simplify workflows for teams and individuals.

Looker eliminates the need to log into a separate tool to view data and critical business insights. With this integration, data can be pushed into Workplace allowing users to view the insights and take action from where they are already collaborating. The new Looker integration also allows users to automate reports and dashboards to be scheduled, or users can set alerts to automatically notify Workplace users of important changes in the business.

Increasingly, organizations are becoming reliant on fresh, up-to-the-minute data to drive their business, said Keenan Rice, vice president of alliances at Looker. The combination of Looker’s application integration capability with the collaboration of Workplace, he said, helps streamline workflows that rely on critical business data.

For more information about Looker, go to https://looker.com.

For more information about Workplace, go to www.facebook.com/workplace.

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